Anxiety: a deeper meaning

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a good subject anyone can relate to anxiety. whether you are a professional well to do person or a normal regular everyday human, we all feel anxiety. i don’t care how you put it, feeling anxious is a conditioning.

deeper meaning: Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure. People with anxiety disorders usually have recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns. They may avoid certain situations out of worry.

personally i think anxiety starts when something isn’t quite right, in any situation. nervousness, uncomfortable feeling only because something is happening or about to happen and you really don’t know how to deal with it. i truly believe the ‘not knowing’ is what the real issue is and when you are a bit of a control freak like me, you feel anxious when you aren’t in control of the outcome.

after all. who can control anything?

some of use truly believe they have control under their spell and the reality is that we don’t know from one minute to the next what will happen. you can play out any scenerio in your mind, even on paper and still the outcome will never turn out as planned.

there are so many factors when dealing with anxiety, environment, medical history, mood, you name it and i am sure you will find many. here is the key to this, realizing it is happening and understanding why. then you can suppress those feelings and succeed at developing a good way of life.

i used to get a lot of anxiety because i was not aware it was happening. i just assumed it was a symptom of some underlying issue and never really got the grasp of it until one day, shit hit the fan. then it became apparent the when and why, so i fixed it.

now, my attitude is in order to control, i lose the control and accept whatever the outcome is because i have no control. i can’t be boggled down for something that really doesn’t exist in the first place because it is a mere moment in time. i have no fear, i have a smart brain, i am personable and most of all, i am aware of everything. therefore, i think i am in pretty good shape considering the shit we are going through in this 2020.

so there you have it, my little lesson on anxiety. of course, if you feel it is out of control and need some kind of therapeutic or medical information, always seek professional help but for the moment don’t sweat the small stuff and all will be good.

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