an obsession. what are yours.

the mind is a wonderful tool but it gets full, we need to empty, disgard and unload. my brain is a basket full of boxes. i can be thinking about 5 things all at once. the things that stress me, the regrets, the past, present and future. what do all these have in common?


i used to be so passionate about many things and i keep wondering what the hell happened. have you ever felt as though you have cast aside the things that mean so much and yet when we take a step back we see the choices because they were necessary.


you do things because you don’t want people to judge you or because you only want to be accepted. one can never understand why we do the things we do only because we are all in a different mind set. lately my mixed emotions have made my brain work on overload and it is going to be the death of me. the positive thing is that i am very aware of my feelings.

strengths i used to have, have now been put on the back burner. the passions have depleted and it is far more confusing than ever. i wanted to much to be a somebody at one time, important, meaningful and now i feel as though nothing really matters. what i thought was possible no longer lives in my world.

people who read this probably think i need help of some sort but i can assure i am far from crazy or insane, i am very in tune with my feelings. most people can’t even figure that out; they resort to feeling depressed and decide that some pharmaceutical will fix everything.

it really isn’t about covering it up, it is about unveiling the truth.

working the unconditional is a roller coaster of discovery. i only wish more people would understand the concept. as life would take us on a new 2020, we are all unsure of life.

by the way, i will eventually figure out what it is i truly need but as we all know, this smart girl knows exactly what i need and it isn’t coming to a nearby store.

#socialdistancing sucks the big one, doesn’t it.

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