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all we want we can’t have

what do we even know about ourselves? i guess we know what kind of foods we like, what makes us get up every morning, other than responsibilites, the need to pay the bills and taking care of business but the inner self always has one little fault:

true happiness.

how many of you can honestly say you are happy everyday? not many i bet.

so how does one achieve this impossible being of absolute happiness. when i find out i’ll let you know or blog about it. there are moments in time that i can remember finding peace of mind and tranquility but of course it was only when i was in my ultimate zone. the beach. me and the ocean are one, connected in this ridiculous way i can’t even explain.

i was watching a show last of people buying property on the beach and i felt so bad about my life because i know that dream will never come true. as i looked at my own environment, i thought why not me? why can’t i have everything i deserve and desire.

at one time or another, i slipped up along the way and now it is to late to change that past but as i move forward into the future, i am reminded that my dreams have faded and that my friends is very sad. all i need is the means or a winning ticket but why should it be all about that?

because we all want something we can’t have …

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i believe in living an unconditional lifestyle by expression of truths. creative, inspiring and most giving. i have had many position in my lifetime that has given me the ability to excel in whatever i set my mind too.

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