act like you know nothing and watch what happens

the theory i am setting is that if you know a lot, you are responsible for many things. i think we need to consider the possibility that knowledge isn’t always the best medicine. being smart doesn’t land you the better job or get you the best ratings. i truly believe the less you know, the better it is.

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there really is no happy medium with humans, is there. we all want something for nothing and want the best of the best. some of us, rich or poor, will do just about anything to get and attain a goals. the rich will steal, scandal, lie and the poor will act as though they know nothing in order to get something.

they pretend to be ‘dumb’ in order for people to do stuff for them and get free money, they will have or pretend they have some disability in order for people to feel bad for them and they certainly don’t believe they have to work because of all of the above.

the problem with this is that they are a drain on society.

everyone can learn a skill and there many programs out there to prove this is possible. they just choose to play the game and act as though they are incapable or have some ailment in order to get free things.

i am not without sympathy for those who actually suffer or have had an accident of some sort which causes them real pain and suffering. it is the one’s who use out system in order to get what they want. same with the rich, they use people, take advantage in order to get richer.

even in these crazy times, the pressure to rebuild, find solutions to starvation, money to pay bills has become our life’s work. how will we ever survive?

i don’t have the answer but the more i think about this subject, it pisses me off.


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