Achieving Greatness

what can we do to make the world great? what can we do to bring back the well-being we once felt within and even in the outside?

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when i started blogging years ago | i used to believe that i would be the voice that would bring some inspiration to people. even today, my voices and opinions are heard but are they really understood. deep inside my true feelings are as precious as the children we bare and it is my own personal feeling that all mankind has the right to choose and voice their opinions in a respectable mannerism.

with that in mind | trying to be happy has been such a struggle these days | i feel as though my efforts are pointless and unappreciated. i accept everyone with a whole heart and for some, i value their opinion and thoughts more than others. i take whatever is necessary and put it to use in my own life.

growing up we all had someone we looked up too | leaders, parents, idols | whatever you want to call them and for better or worse they were the voices in our heads keeping us alive and motivated. we were shaped into these individuals who all have a purpose and stand for something really unique.

my true feelings lately are the efforts i have put forth are failing miserably and i can’t help but wonder whether my purpose in life is going in the wrong direction. i am more proud of other people’s accomplishments than i am of my own and i know in black and white i have come so far | striving for greatness | but there is still that doubt, it isn’t good enough.

therefore my question today is how much more can i endure for greatness and be understood in a way that will bring me eternal peace?


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