Hello, I am the Writer

for years, I have been trying to prove something to everyone but myself and I have come to realize, that is more important than reaching for things that really are attainable. we all must do our part and this is mine. I satisfy my needs and wants as much as possible in order to survive. the balance between life and people is very hard only because society, politics and destruction has made it so individuals fail.

An Opinion

even if you work hard and are determined to make a name for yourself, someone always comes behind you and destroys it. some people are born with a golden spoon, some are lucky and the rest of us have to climb our way up at all costs.

Why You Are Here

we love social media and for some reason, you landed here. the attraction was greater than you anticipated and I am here to say:


expression is so important, life has a way to show us that change is inevitable and we must adapt. the question is do we really want to or can we?

There You Have it

Bet you won’t subscribe? because you feel that I do not bring value or I do not have some sort of freebie. well let’s just say, my time, my words are more important than you can imagine. take what you want and leave the rest up to karma.

Best Regards,

The Writer

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