There is nothing ordinary about this woman. As I ruffle feathers and try to imagine what people really read on this blog, I am reminded that once, I felt like a someone. Many years later, now, I still suffer with mental health and it took me a long time to admit that. Nowadays, I believe people are less shocked and judgemental about this subject and I feel free to share the intimate experiences.

the Blog

This has been an adventure to say the least. As I love to design, my blog has changed ideas many times over about what to do next to how it should really look. I wanted the appeal and approval of others and I have come to realize that this is not needed if you want people to believe in your ability to write.

What I have to Offer

Strength. This is the only word that comes to mind only because it is surprising how I have survived this long journey and how I still plug at it day to day. Honesty. You will never find fake here, you will only find my personal experiences with life in general and how it affects me daily.

What Next

You can certainly take a look around, read some posts on either subject or you can head over the Subscribe page and get this blog daily in your email. I have worked for 2 years on this and not yet have I gotten one person to believe enough in me to Subscribe. So give it a go – did I mention if you do, you get a special offer?

PS – I never show my face, I know, I know it is suppose to make people believe in the authenticity of ones’ blog but I believe in the words. If after you subscribe, I will start sending out newsletters and show my face.

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