3 reasons Sunday is just Sunday

as i sit and listen to our King’s Speech and the Pope’s Mass, I am wondering why these people really believe there is a greater higher power. they claim to believe that this day, Christmas Day is the birth of Jesus who at one time, according to the scriptures was born on this earth to save us all. well someone clearly got those words wrong.

we are not saved by an almighty force we either save ourselves or die trying. the reality is people believe what they want to believe in any religion and we are consumed by finding the answers in a delusional reality. what we should be doing is living in this moment, the one that is before us, the one that is tangible and believing that we are here for a purpose only for ourselves.

as friends and families gather in their festive time, I, if you follow my words, am not. today is just another day in my life, Sunday, where i create and write. this year was one of the worst times for me with a dark cloud hovering over my lifestyle and nothing good coming out of the shadows, i am still cursed with sadness.

2023 is around the corner and as I know for a fact many people are feeling the same way i am, we must remember that if we woke up, then it must be for a reason. we must still have something to accomplish, something that must be finished before we close our eyes for good.

i say to those who suffer in silence: “find that one moment, stay in it and believe in this reality not the false lessons of others.”

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