Growth People

2 years of rejection is a lifestyle

relationships and jobs are the same. after being rejected so many times, you just buy more batteries and call it a day.

but that isn’t how life works

some people are unlucky when it comes to life experiences and for them it is a constant struggle. it does not matter how hard you work, how mich you put your efforts in, something always turns to shit. it makes you wonder why we thrive to make things better.

yes people i am talking about me.

look i realize there so many who suffer more than i do but i am brought back to a time when it was said the more positive you put out the more you get back.

not true.

it is a myth to entice people and it really does not work. what really happens is you get the life sucked out of you and for what? the continuing battle of the masses.

i believe that people who are dishonest profit more. they are blind to reality therefore they do not care. so no harm done. it is people like who can’t be dishonest, that suffer. i am not on a pit pot but tell you facts. i see social service people thrive more than the ones who actually want to work.

i am seeing it more and more especially nowadays when people are getting money left and right from the government while i sit here penniless and behind in all the bills becoming obsolete.

i tell you how fair is that.

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