a clear understanding of self growth and truth.

what motivates my designs.

i used to believe that if we exist, we must have a purpose. i learned a short time ago that we do not need a purpose in life because humans are capable of anything. once you have a plan find the determination to work it,

what you do is not who you are.

such a false positive.

i believe your character represents the quality in all you do. if you are having an intelligent conversation, then it is a reflection of what you are by definition of ones’ truth.

how i help my readers.

never judge and always be unconditional

you must have an open mind and be conscious. it isn’t rocket science but a truth experience. when i started blogging, i was focused on healing a very broken heart. over the years, it has become my true passion. writing out feelings can help you understand why you are on a certain path and also help in any healing process.

design and branding

the creativity side is an outlet

i also encourage business owners to reach out and let me design a great website for you. making your small business stand out by branding and creating the color concept