“we may never have the choices we would have if we were writing the script but we always have choices”

what are you putting in your body

people are so concerned with the virus, where it came from how it got this far but does anyone ever consider the possibility that we consume daily items?

a very special message to those who listen

what do we even know about our own qualities? we can define our life but what we say or do but can we truly admit the characteristics. today,

human contact

relationships are hard enough but when you finally realize that the one you are in is no longer fulfilling that needed tenderness, then what? i have known for

who has had enough.

consider this: although we are all in this crazy pandemic mode, what about our own personal growth? do we suffer because we are in crisis or is it

the doubt of ones’ own personal life

the more i interact with people, the more i realize the atmosphere is getting worse. people are feeling the effects of stress, depression, self doubt and most of


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