under going a creative moment.

“focus on the process not the end results”

be kind. be mindful. be unconditional.

what do we even know about ourselves until something so massive happens that we need to tell the story. words of a writer was created to share the personal experiences of a small town woman who feels she has a message to send out into the universe

recent words.

who do you think you are

we often hear things we don’t like. we wish more people would say nice things rather than point out our defects and what they perceive to be better. what does show about their own growth? lack of. i heard a word yesterday: “interiority” the

why are people hopeful when nothing changes.

i was contemplating our lives, in this moment in time, i see so many who keep that positive attitude, that do their own version of prays and it baffles me how we are consumed with imagining such delusion. you spend your time hoping for

stop saying you can relate or you know how a person feels

i have heard this phrase so often, i ‘gag’ and it really upsets me because we cannot and should not compare ourselves to anyone or any story. we are all individuals, we all have different stories and although some may be similar, we must