“sometimes the greatest growth comes through pain but it’s not the pain that helps me grow, it’s my response to it”

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we are 30 days away from this wonderful time of the year and i am sure our mental health has taken a beating this 2020. especially with this holiday season fast approaching, we spinning around wondering what will come next. are we going to see family and friends, will be able to celebrate in our traditional ways or are going to be restricted.so many changes and i can certainly feel the anxiety, negativity, sadness only because life sure isn’t the same as it once was and i am one person who loves Christmas.

i miss so many people, good old days when i could top up my Santa hat, ride around all day cheering people up with my joyous attitude and now i sit in front of a computer all day working. the point is we must keep our heads up high and remember, it isn’t the end of the world but an ever changing lifestyle. we must find ways to keep us happy and alive but most of all remember to breath. it is o.k. to have bad days as long as we do not show destructive ways but express ourselves in a calm and loving manner.

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